Meet our incredibly talented volunteer photographers!

re:imagine/COMMUNITY, an after-school program at Fredrick Douglass High School and North Atlanta High School, is teaching thirty kids photography, documentarian arts, and more. For our photography group, we currently have four incredible volunteer photographers who are dedicating their time and incredible talent to help these teens learn the art of photography. 

1. Allen Cooley

Allen Cooley specializes in Entertainment and Beauty photography. Allen has worked with top talent such as Magic Johnson, Taraji P Henson, Morris Chesnut, Kevin Hart, and Toni Braxton. He has also worked as a Creative Director for beauty brands in various hair and cosmetic spaces. He runs a full service studio in addition to maintaining an Adjunct Professorship at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he also received his Master of Fine Arts Degree. 

 Allen Cooley

Allen Cooley

2. Kelly Truitt

Kelly Truitt focuses on product, cityscape and lifestyle photography. Kelly is currently based in Atlanta, GA and she works out of an in-home downtown studio. Kelly became interested in photography during her second year at Georgia College & State University, while she was pursuing her BS in psychology with a minor in photography. 

"There are so many things that a still photograph can do. There is a certain power to solidifying the moment. It is extremely important for people to know the storytelling aspect of it and why it matters and how to do it." 

Follow her on Instagram at @kellytmarie.

You can check out her website here. 

3. Melissa Golden

Melissa Golden is an editorial photographer based in Atlanta, GA. Melissa's work is versatile, and she focuses on the stuff you're "not supposed to talk about at the dinner table such as politics, religion, money, and health." Melissa's client list includes PepsiCo, Audi, Adidas, ESPN Magazine, Marie Claire, Buzzfeed,, CNN, The New York Times, and more. 

Follow Melissa on Instagram @eyesplosion.

Check out her website here.

 Melissa Golden

Melissa Golden

4. Barbara griffin

Barbara Griffin is not a photographer, but rather a Creative Photography Director. Barbara currently works as an independent Creative Consultant. Barbara does it all and has editorial, writing, and lecturing experience. Barbara is your go-to if you need to get in touch with the best of the business. She has worked with some of the greatest photographers to develop memorable news and entertainment campaigns. In the past, she has worked as the Board President for Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Sr. Vice President at Turner Image Management, as well as an adjunct professor at Georgia Gwinnett College. 

Check out her LinkedIn here. 

Follow her on Twitter here.