Give your child the opportunity to dream large and realize their vision.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a music video? At The Green Room music video camp, young people are divided into small “crews,” and matched with a band to create a music video. Crews create their own schedule, work with cameras, lights, and editing, and have access to artistic resources to create props, costumes, sets, and effects. Each crew produces their video under the guidance of a staff of professional visual artists, filmmakers, creative tech experts and musicians. In this environment, campers are empowered to produce their own imaginative music video from ideation, storyboarding, through filming to post production while working with a hard deadline.

Campers work with Adobe Creative Suite, DSLR cameras, and also be build their own film equipment, props, sets, and costumes. The Green Room works with over 50 partners within the Atlanta media, arts and technology landscape. Campers have the opportunity to explore many technologies to make the most dynamic videos possible, including but not limited to projection, stop motion animation, paper engineering, wearable technologies, and large-scale puppetry.

The Green Room will open for summer registration in the spring of 2017.